Grace’s Marketplace is comprised of over ten departments ready and capable to cater to all of your everyday grocery and gourmet needs. Please feel free to explore our selection of products, and enjoy everything our store has to offer.


Grace’s Bread Department is one to capture all the senses. With its beautiful presentation, intoxicating aroma, and freshly baked taste, our breads could be the perfect accompaniment to any meal. Grace’s features a large selection of local, notable baked wonders such as, but not limited to: Eli’s, Balthazar, International Delights, Melita Bakery, NY Bagels, Orwasher Bakery, and NY Bakery. No need to travel around town for your favorite freshly baked loaf. Grace’s has brought it to our customers. We carry all flavors including but not limited to white, whole wheat, rosemary, and seven grain. Be sure to arrive early, as our delicious breads tend to fly right off the shelf!


The Italians call it Formaggio, the Spanish call it Queso, and the Germans call it Kaese, however we all know that cheese is delicious in any language. Grace’s Marketplace artisan cheese collection is sure wow any palette with its European origins and savory flavors. With over 80 varieties ready to be cut and served to your liking, our gourmet cheese department can serve any party. Come in today to pick a pairing for your favorite wine, or design an elegant platter for your next soiree. Don’t forget some delicious local honey and chutney to add some flare to your favorite cheese!


Grace’s Deli Department has every item you could possible crave in a mouth-watering sandwich. Our Deli features a full selection of fine meats, both imported and domestic, and cut to order. Whether you’re interested in one of our deliciously flavored hams, assorted homemade cream cheese, or decadently spiced olives, Grace’s Deli is sure to go above and beyond expectations. We also carry a wide variety of “Deli-casies.” Our “Appetizing Deli” is among the most diverse in New York City and Long Island, offering the very best in smoke salmon, caviar, pate, and foie gras.   View the Greenvale Delicatessen and Sandwich Bar Menu.

Espresso Bar

Be sure to stop by Grace’s Espresso Bar whenever you need a quick pick-me-up! From our delicious house blend coffee, cappuccinos, lattes and espresso to grab and go sandwiches, soups and pastries, you’ll be sure to find something that will be a bright spot in your day.


When you think of grocery items in other markets, cereal, snacks, and canned goods come to mind. However in Grace’s marketplace it is that and so much more. With our new and improved product line, Grace’s is able to keep the quality our customers have come to know and love, as well as add some much needed items such as organic and gluten-free products. The possibilities are endless ranging from European flavors to classic American favorites. Some of our most notable products are our Italian gourmet items. With the largest selection of fine olive oils and balsamic vinegars, exotic pastas, savory pasta sauces, Grace’s will have you thinking Italy is right inside your very own kitchen.


Welcome to Grace’s Pastry Department, where desert is always the star of the show. Every particular fine baked good, from seasonal fruit tarts, decadent cream filled cakes, and freshly baked Italian pastries, all reside here. We have delicately assembled artisan macaroons, assorted moist coffee cakes, and seasonally decorated butter cookies for children of all ages. All these delightful pastries are crafted with top quality ingredients, presented with elegance and style. Our perfectly dipped strawberries and handcrafted mini pastries would have any sweet tooth wanting another bite. No one yet has been able to resist Grace’s guilty pleasure. We can also customize any order. Specialty cakes are available upon request, with customization ranging from size, flavor, artistry, and dietary specifications.

Prime Meats

Grace’s Meat Department is by far the most “well-seasoned” area of expertise! With over 75 years of combined experience, there isn’t a cut of meat we can’t handle. We offer a full service butcher, where all prime meats are cut to order. Our Meat Department features some of the finest, freshest, and most extensive selection of prime meats, including grass-fed, organic, and anti-biotic free products. Our experienced butchers will be more than happy to help you with your selection, as well as marinade and cooking tips.


Our Produce Department is one that is legendary and rich in history, and sets an example for all the rest. Every piece of fruit and vegetable is carefully examined to assure our customers that they have “nothing but the best.” Our knowledgeable Produce staff bases their assortment on what is in season, at its peak flavor, and of course, the exotic element as well. This is the very feature that Grace’s has built its Produce Department on. With the variety that we promise daily, you’ll never need to scour the Caribbean for your favorite fruit again!


Grace’s Seafood Department will surely make you feel one with the ocean. Emphasizing on freshness, variety, and season, our knowledgeable staff handpicks the catch daily. Our seafood selection spans throughout the continent, from the fresh shellfish of the East Coast, to the dazzling Swordfish of the Caribbean. We also offer many services that go along with seafood; our experts will skin, de-bone, filet, shell, or shuck any piece of fish to your liking. We can also recommend cooking techniques and recipes for the beginner to expert levels of chefs.


Our Tavola Department features an array of freshly made dishes, both classic and current. With the purest ingredients and time-honored recipes, Grace’s is sure to have your taste buds tingling, while you manage your kitchen at home—spotless. Our Executive Chef prepares over 100 dishes daily, bringing every department of Grace’s Marketplace into a single delicious meal. Have a favorite dish at Grace’s? Feel free to call us anytime and reserve any amount you’d like to guarantee availability. Any customer may also request dishes according to taste preference or dietary needs.