Rosh Hashanah Menu – NYC

1299 2nd Avenue
New York, NY

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Matzoh Ball soup w/vegetables $9/pt
Two Matzo Balls

Extra-Matzo Balls $2 each

Carrot Sweet Potato Soup $9/pt

Potato and Leek Soup $9/pt

Deviled Eggs with Smoked Salmon $32/dz

Chopped Chicken Liver $8.99/lb

Mini-Potato Pancakes
Also Available in Sweet Potato
Served w. Apple Sauce

Regular Size Potato Pancakes $13.99/lb
Also available in Sweet Potato

Applesauce $8/pt

Gefilte Fish
Served w. Red or White Horseradish

Challah Bread Available in Plain or Raisin
Small or Large


Sliced First Cut Beef Brisket
Served w. Natural Gravy, Potatoes, and Carrots

Honey or Orange Glazed Cornish Hen $11.99/lb

Sliced Roast Turkey Breast
Served w. Giblet Gravy

Honey Garlic Chicken (on Bone)
With Olive Oil, Soy Sauce, and Pepper

Rosemary Chicken Breast on the Bone
w. Bermuda Onions, Tomatoes & garlic

Grilled Salmon Filet w. Honey Soy marinade $36.99/lb


Stuffed Cabbage Rolls $13.99/lb

Carrot & Sweet Potato Tzimmes $10.99/lb

Grilled Asparagus Almondine $17.99/lb

Sting Beans with Pomegranate Seeds $16.99/lb

Roasted Sweet Potatoes $10.99/lb

Classic Potato Kugel $10.99/lb

Sweet Apple Noodle Kugel $10.99/lb

Israeli Couscous with Roasted Vegetables $10.99/lb

Roasted New Potatoes & Carrots $10.99/lb

Roasted Carrots with Honey and Thyme $9.99/lb

Quinoa and Pomegranate Salad $11.99/lb

Basmati Rice with Fried Onions and Cranberries $11.99/lb

Honey Roasted Root Vegetables with Apples $15.99/lb

Kasha Varnishkes $11.99/lb


Rainbow Cookies $22/lb

Assorted Rugalach $22/lb

Cinnamon or Chocolate Babka

Sponge cake (Plain or Marble)

Vanilla or Marble Halvah

Honey cake

Fresh Fruit Platter
Sm $65 • Med $95 • Lg $125